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We at BlueSkyData believe that you have a right to decide what happens with your data. We believe that you should be able to have as much control as possible on what belongs to no one else but you. In the era of Google Drive, Dropbox & co, storing your data online has never been easier. However, the simplicity of those tools comes at great cost: your privacy. Right now, nearly all the data there is about the average Internet user is stored at half a dozen companies. While media is constantly reporting on data breaches, corporate and state surveillance and other privacy violations, many people still rely on these services. Not because they are happy with the price they pay for it, but because it has been incredibly hard for people to find easy to use services that respect their users.

  • A modern and easy-to-use web interface, desktop clients and mobile apps.
  • Real-time collaboration and instant access to all data from any device, anywhere!
  • File Versioning introduces viewing and side-by-side comparing files.
  • EXIF metadata support in Photos.
  • Live Photo support on iOS and Android
  • Content collaboration platform with real-time document editing.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Choose the Cloud hosting plan that suites your needs.

Benefits for this plans

BlueSkyData offers a modern, content collaboration platform with real-time document editing, video chat & groupware on mobile, desktop and web.

Reliable and affordable web hosting
Free SSL certificate
Unlimited storage space and bandwidth
24/7 email customer support
A variety of features to help you grow your business


Full cloud access on all plans, with free SSL certification.

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