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Welcome to BlueSkyData Ltd

BlueSkyData Ltd is a joint venture between David Harris (MeCount Business Systems Ltd, www.mecount.com) and Brendan Pratt (FrameIT 2010http://www.frameit2010.co.nz/). If you have been dealing with either David or Brendan in the past you will still be dealing with them as both David and Brendan are Directors of BlueSkyData Ltd and along with their wives are shareholders as well. We extend a very warm welcome to all the Web Hosting and Domain Name Services clients from MeCount Business Systems Ltd and FrameIT 2010 and trust that we will be able to work together and build a mutually profitable relationship with you all.

Who are we?
David Harris
For some time David Harris, who has more than 30 Years local experience as a Computer and Network Engineer and Database Developer, David also looks after accounts and billing.
Brendan Pratt
With eight plus years in Website Development, he has been collaborating on website design and development for their respective clients. Brendan is also BlueSkyData server and network engineer.

Approximately eighteen months ago now this also saw them join forces to provide their growing list of clients with Web Hosting and Web Domain name services as resellers through a number of third party organizations. A growing level of service provider frustration culminated in the decision in November 2013 to build our own Data Centre to provide these Hosting and Domain Services direct to clients allowing us to “manage” the process in greater detail and “support” clients to a greater level than was previously possible. The concept for BlueSkyData Ltd was born and from the first of April (No April Fools joke we can assure you!) has become a living and breathing reality.

  • Nothing changes with hosting

While change is almost inevitable in this technology driven age and there are some administrative changes that are necessary we have deliberately not made any changes to our hosting plans and charges for you, our existing clients. You can view our current Hosting plans and charges for new clients at http://www.blueskydata.co.nz/index.php/hosting/

  • New Bank Account Number

BlueSkyData Ltd bankers are Bank of New Zealand, Cameron Road Banking Centre, in Tauranga. Can you please change the account number on any Direct Credit or Internet Banking Bill Payments that you have been using to pay your hosting accounts to this account number and please also include the following information so that we can correctly identify your payment in our system, thank you?

Account Number:02 0466 0328964 00
Particulars:Account Name, as much as will fit
Code:Account Number,
Reference:Invoice Number, just the numbers only please
  • New support, account, sales emails and Phone Contacts
  • New client portal

The Management Software we are using for our Data Centre includes a “Portal” or gateway that you can use to check on your account with us. Some of the things you can do from this “Portal” include, order new services, view previous invoices and create support tickets.

The portal is accessed via this link https://blueskydata.nz

  • New Client support ticket system

So that we can track all your questions, queries and any issues you may have and then make those solutions available to others in the future through our Knowledge Base we ask that you please submit a Support Ticket. You can do this from the Client Portal

Please remember that we are here to help you, there are no stupid or dumb questions and no question or request is too small. To get the best out of the Web Hosting and Domain name services you have with us we suggest an interactive relationship is best.

With the establishment of BlueSkyData Ltd and the building of our own managed Data Centre we have introduced a new service to clients . . . “Cloud Storage”. What is “the Cloud” and what can it do for me is a question that many of you are probably now asking, the answer to which is probably whatever you want to make of it and the answer will most likely be different for each one of you. “Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing) defines the common usage of, the term “the cloud” to essentially be a metaphor for the Internet. Marketers have further popularized the phrase “in the cloud” to refer to software, platforms and infrastructure that are sold “as a Service” i.e. remotely through the Internet. Typically, the seller has actual energy-consuming servers which host products and services from a remote location, so end-users don’t have to; they can simply log on to the network without installing anything”

Services available in “the Cloud” are now growing and maturing at a rapid rate and going forward we are excited to be able to bring a selection of these Services to our existing and new clients. Currently our Cloud Service offering includes file storage for off site backup or access and live updating of your files from any internet connection on the planet, an interactive Calendar that you can share with others, a central online place to keep your contacts that can be accessed from most internet enabled devices, and Web Links to provide a single easily accessible place to locate them on multiple devices like computers, Notebooks, Tablets and Phones.

If your eyes have now glazed over and you are finding all this “Cloud” stuff way too complicated to comprehend then please either drop us a line or give us a call and we will be only too happy to explain and answer your questions.

As valued clients you are always welcome to drop us a line or give us a call, we look forward to working with you and supplying your Hosting and any other Web Services well into the future.